The CPC has received a grant that will allow us to update the Northern Carrizo’s CAPP. Once updated, the CAPP will be used to line up funding for conservation acquisition. The funding comes from the Wildlife Conservation Board. According to their website, the WCB:

was created by legislation in 1947 to administer a capital outlay program for wildlife conservation and related public recreation. Originally created within the California Department of Natural Resources, and later placed with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, WCB is a separate and independent Board with authority and funding to carry out an acquisition and development program for wildlife conservation (California Fish and Game Code 1300, et seq.). WCB consists of the President of the Fish and Game Commission, the Director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Director of the Department of Finance. The primary responsibilities of WCB are to select, authorize and allocate funds for the purchase of land and waters suitable for recreation purposes and the preservation, protection and restoration of wildlife habitat. WCB approves and funds projects that set aside lands within the State for such purposes, through acquisition or other means, to meet these objectives.

The updated CAPP will include all the lands that were part of the recent acquisitions and set asides that occurred pursuant to the construction of the solar plants on the Carrizo. Updating the CAPP provides the WCB a renewed and updated perspective on where best to place conservation dollars on the Carrizo to benefit wildlife.

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