California Valley Campaign

The California Valley Campaign is creating a broad-based funding structure to support acquisition of California Valley lots as well as additional lands in the northern Carrizo Plain, to position conservation targets for strategic additions to the Carrizo Plain National Monument.

Details of the Campaign

The California Valley Subdivision in eastern San Luis Obispo County is comprised of over 7,000 lots, nearly 400 of which are in tax default. The subdivision is immediately adjacent to the Carrizo Plain National Monument (CPNM). Many of the undeveloped and tax default lots have high conservation value. Retirement of and acquisition within this antiquated subdivision is stipulated in the County of San Luis Obispo conditions for approval for the now developed California Valley Solar Ranch and Topaz Solar Farms in the northern Carrizo Plain. While limited and inadequate funds were required of the solar companies for acquisition of lots, a campaign to continue this effort into the future is needed and will be supported in part by the Conservation Land Foundation.

Conserving Collaboratively

A future Carrizo Biological Working Group will be the hub of collaboration for successful restoration and management for newly conserved Carrizo lands. Perhaps 50% of the newly acquired lands have been farmed in the recent past. The challenges of establishing and managing native plants and animals will be informed by land managers drawing on science and expertise in the field and applying effective adaptive management for the best results. Convening an annual or twice annual meeting of all parties with a stake in the management of the new lands for shared successes and problems solving will build a core of conservation collaboration for the Carrizo Plain.

Carrizo Colloquium

Every other year Ecologistics hosts this colloquium to attract and show-case leading research and management occurring on the Carrizo Plain. Be sure to join us in supporting contemporary field science and research on the biodiversity of the Carrizo Plain at the next colloquium.

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