Landscape Linkages Crucial for Large Mammals

The Carrizo Plain supports one of the largest remaining populations of San Joaquin Kit fox and provides critical habitat corridors among the core habitats and other remnant habitats for this species. The key linkages are to habitat to the north, along Bitterwater Road and to the Kettleman Hills, and south along the Temblor Range to patches of habitat in the Lokern Natural Area, Buena Vista Valley, and Elk Hills.

map carizoMaintaining connectivity among these habitats is crucial so that individual animals and their genetic information can move across the landscape and adapt to seasonal and long-term changes in climate, predators, food sources, and disturbance.


Linkages are often cross private lands with compatible land uses such as grazing. Larger game animals like the Pronghorn and Tule Elk move great distances across the landscape.

Making it possible for these animals to continue to move across the Carrizo from the north end of the plain to the south on the Monument was a major concern as the solar plants were being constructed. Many miles of fence were removed or modified to be wildlife-friendly.